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October 15, 2022


"My business cards" - Alevtina Khabibova

View the full project here: Alevtina Khabibova on Behance

These cards are designed by Alevtina Khabibova, an extremely talented Russian artist. Their work features watercolor, making this little touch of using bubbles to create a unique design on the card clever and cohesive with their brand. Not only the colored water splotches but also the improvised character drawings, minimal design, usage of an uncoated cover (no glossy finish). Everything about this card feels simply perfect for Alevtina's art.

Also, a great example of adding a personal touch that feels like an extension of yourself - which can create a more personal connection with the recipient.

"OTEYZA" - Dous Studio

View the full project here: OTEYZA on Behance

This card is designed by Dous Studio, a Madrid-based graphic design studio. It's meant to be a patch of cloth or a label, which is why it has the zig-zag end on one side. It's also printed on a piece of fabric to further immerse people in the brand's story. A beautifully executed concept that could easily be used in other areas as you can print on so many different materials nowadays, as long as you can pay the premium compared to the average business card cardstock.

"Flower Space|Business Card Design" - Wang Shuo

View the full project here: Flower Space | Business Card Design

These custom-cut flower business card designs for Wang Shuo, a graphic designer based in Hangzhou, China, are stunning. The use of vibrant colors really helps the design pop (as clients would say). Using a custom cut for your business card design can help your brand stand out, as the feeling is completely different in comparison to the standard 3.5" x 2" cards. A couple of precautions to keep in mind are the size and the pointiness of the card. If your card doesn't fit in a wallet, it might get tossed. Similarly, if it's too small the recipient might misplace it.

A lot of print companies offer 2" x 2" as a standard for square business cards, which is a good starting point if you'd like to start creating custom die-cut business card designs and need a reference point.


View the full project here: LETTERPRESS BUSINESS CARD

This embossed business card design really sets the tone for the brand and can be a great approach to adding a bit of depth to the card - showing you care can go a long way with potential clients. Generally embossing is a bit pricey but depending on the business, going the extra mile can pay off big time. The idea of embossing the pattern is unique to me, as many brands emboss their logo, rather than the other elements on the card.


Business card designs can really help your brand stand out. Creating a unique design that gives the user a better feeling for what your business represents can go a long way with building strong connections. I'm hoping business owners, creative directors, and graphic designers can utilize these designs as references when developing their own unique business card designs.

Thanks for reading, hope this helped you.