Vanguard Genetics

Vanguard Genetics is a California-based cannabis company focused on experimenting with cultivation and cold ethanol extraction. Their focus is quality over everything.

Vanguard Genetics

Project Goals

Vanguard Genetics wanted their logo to have a fresh, professional look. They felt their current branding could use a lot of refining to really emphasize their values and brand recognition in the cannabis industry.


Logo Design, Product Mockups, Brand Guidelines

Vanguard Genetics

Logo Design

Their existing logo design used a very curly script font, drop shadows, and a white stroke around it with a shadow behind the outline. Through all of this, we chose to keep a few of the key elements in the logo design that really aligned with the Vanguard Genetics brand.

The script font was on the right track, it just needed to be dialed down to a more professional design (much less curly). Not that we had the main type down, we wanted to create an icon to create a more dynamic range of branding. A lot of cannabis related products are small, which means a full logotype with taglines might not be as recognizable as a standalone mark in certain cases.

We used this knowledge and another one of the ideas from the original design (the DNA strand, representing genetics) to produce a strong, unique logomark for the Vanguard Genetics brand.

Previous Logo Design

Updated Logo Design

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