Treeverse is a play and earn MMORPG being developed in the NFT space which has raised a $25M valuation after a seed investment round. Loop, the founder of Treeverse, started as an artist before NFTs became popular. He's consistently provided valuable information on the fast-paced industry, and brought many people onboard; solidifying himself as an influential figure in the web3 community. Loop initially released 420 NFT generations of tree art, labeled NFTrees. These trees planted the seeds for his next project - releasing 10,000 NFTs labeled Founder's Plots. Owning a Treeverse plot entitles you to a plot of land when the game is released. The original NFTree holders will have the added utility of earning money on their virtual trees within the game as well, so it's beneficial to be an early supporter of the project. The Treeverse team is focused on creating a high-quality, timeless MMORPG.


Project Goals

Our goal with Treeverse was to first develop a wide array of logo design proposals to hone in on the direction for the brand. In doing so, we were able to establish a strong logomark and a deeper understanding of the vision. The Treeverse logo design is meant to represent their ecosystem while also standing out from upcoming web3-focused (and traditional MMORPG) games. We also wanted to create a cohesive brand identity around the logo design as well, including a social media layouts to help set the tone for the branding.


Brand Identity Design, Social Media Layouts


Logomark Design

The Treeverse logomark incorporates elements of both the gaming and the crypto space. Having a deep understanding (and interest) within both industries made the process of developing marks for Treeverse a lot easier. The Treeverse team wanted to explore many directions, so we ended up creating a variety of interesting logo icon proposals.

Logotype Design

For the Treeverse logo design, we researched traditional MMORPG logo designs to get a better understanding of the direction they chose and their reasoning with relation to their brand's vision. We wanted to utilize the logo design to reach gamers, while simultaneously emphasizing the involvement with cryptocurrency. The type features unconventional serifs while the full logo design includes a stroke, gradients, and a shadow beneath it to add depth to the logo design, without creating complex elements that could reduce the legibility.

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