SoaR Gaming

SoaR Gaming is one of the world's largest gaming organizations with strong foundations in both esports and YouTube. They began in 2011, as a group of friends trickshotting in Call of Duty. Their consistent growth, ambition, and position as strong early adopters of the gaming space has led them to be one of the top brands in the gaming scene.

SoaR Gaming

Project Goals

Our goal with SoaR Gaming was to create a new logotype design and cohesive brand guidelines paired with their existing brand direction before announcing their partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada. Alongside the logotype and the guidelines, we developed a few custom icons, patterns, and a script / signature logo design.


Logotype Design, Script Logo Design, Apparel Design, Pattern Designs, Brand Guidelines

SoaR Gaming

Logo Design

SoaR Gaming now handles projects well beyond the sniping scene in Call of Duty. The logo design is now facing a wider demographic, and with that comes an update to their logotype to better reflect their goals and brand position.

We wanted to make sure the logotype incorporated an element they often reference, which the rocket felt perfect for. It also had to look natural within the type, not taking away from the legibility of the letters (both up close and from a distance). It was originally between two main concepts, the alternative uses a bit more of a cliché logo design approach, with the rocket using the space within the O. The primary issue with this is the inconsistent whitespace that draws your attention away from the normal readability of the word SoaR (when people would normally be drawn to the beginning of the word - whereas this one creates a contest for your focus with the new thickness of the O).

Alternative Proposal

Finalized Logo Design

Script Logo Design

For the pattern, we developed a few other assets related to space. Eventually, we landed on the stars, planet, rocket, and the SoaR Gaming logomark. This felt like it was in alignment with their intentions behind the creative direction (a more professional approach). Making the styles / weights of each icon similar and ensuring they could operate in the same space was important as they may use them in future brand-related content beyond the pattern design.

Previous Design

Revised Design

Pattern Design

SoaR Gaming wanted to update their script design, as their previous design felt outdated and a bit difficult to read, especially with their demographic increasing. The new one uses the same rocket from the pattern and the logotype design, to create a consistency between assets. It follows a similar approach as the previous but puts more focus on the word and less on the design (the rocket / plane).

SoaR Gaming Logo Design Vector File

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