Community Moto

Community Moto is a local motorcycle dealership based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada). They are an exclusive BMW, Triumph, and Ducati shop featuring industry-leading expertise in parts & service. Saskatoon is very community-focused, with a lot of agriculture in the area and families with traditional values. In many industries, more corporate brands can suffer in these areas. Community Moto's team is very focused on cultivating an enjoyable, personable experience with their services.

Community Moto

Project Goals

Our goal with Community Moto was to create a visual identity catering to people in Saskatoon with more traditional, community values. We worked with their team on a tight deadline to develop the brand identity including the logo design, variations, and a set of apparel pieces to become produced and sold in-stores.


Brand Identity Design, Apparel Design, Brand Guidelines

Community Moto

Logo Design

Community Moto approached us with an initial concept which they wanted us to refine and redesign. We worked on exploring different combinations of text for the Community Moto type, to create a strong, recognizable, and legible logo design.


After the brand booklet outlining the logo design and a few initial apparel concepts got approved, we were onto the apparel designs. Luckily, we had a great start and worked with the Community Moto team to produce a cohesive direction for the clothing.

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