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YESQ is a Canadian-based branding agency.


About YESQ

Having started with one (very busy) designer noticing a lack of attention towards promising brands, YESQ is now a complete graphic design agency with a wide range of abilities in the creative industry.

We pride ourselves in collaborating with forward-thinking brands that are heavily engaged within their community, striving to create a positive impact; no matter the size.

A fingerprint icon, representing our service, brand and identity design.

Branding Design

Branding design sets the tone for your business, giving others an insight into your values and overarching mission.

Keeping your branding cohesive and attractive to your intended audience will help set your brand up for success.

A custom play icon, representing our service, motion design.

Motion Design

Motion graphics are used to create more engaging content for consumers, often expanding on static graphic designs.

Motion design ties in perfectly with brand design, as it can be used to provide a more immersive experience into your brand.

A custom website icon vector file, combining a standard web icon and a paint brush to represent our website design services.

Website Design

It takes customers 50 milliseconds to decide if they're going to stay on your site. Furthermore, 94 percent will abandon a site with bad design.

Your website is the online center for your business. Having a great website design is essential for success in the digital era.

A cube icon, representing our 3D design services.

3D Design

From product modelling to high-quality renders, we love to create unique yet powerful compositions with the power of 3D design.

3D design is a great way to bring more life to your branding and another opportunity to create a connection with your audience.

Cover image for our logo design services with SoaR Gaming, featuring their logo on top of a dark blue background.

SoaR Gaming

Logo Design, Icon Design, Pattern Design, Script Illustration, Brand Guidelines

A cover page for our design case study, highlighting some of our process behind the branding of Community Moto, a local motorcycle dealership based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Community Moto

Visual Identity Design, Apparel Designs, Brand Guidelines

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Photo of Mustafa Aijaz also known as SoaR Crude

Mustafa Aijaz

Vice President of SoaR Gaming

YESQ was a pleasure to work with. Our team gave the YESQ team a short brief with a few requirements and creative freedom to create us a compelling brand image and YESQ went above and beyond to deliver. Their attention to detail and understanding of our brand really made the difference for us. Truly a master at their craft. Thanks again everyone at the YESQ team, we're super thankful for the work done for us and would be elated to work again on future projects.

A decorative graphic using our logo as the base, going through an eyeball with a circle at the center that looks as if it's about to be launched up at the viewer because of the way the logo is stretched behind it.

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